Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad Blogger

So, I am officially the worst blogger ever. No updates since October? Well, we have been busy for sure. There is no way to go into detail over all the Swan activities, but I assure you it was non-stop action! I will give a brief rundown of the highlights, although I am sure there will be alot overlooked!
EmilyKate is enjoying highschool, doing very well in the IB program. Still doing gymnastics. Just finished a great season, placing 1st in state on floor, 2nd on vault, and 4th on beam. She had some fun meets this year: Cancun, South Carolina, LSU, and a few local. She also attended her first homecoming dance in the fall, and is 2 inches taller than her mama.
Caroline is tolerating 7th grade. She is a great student, really likes to socialize. She is still taking theater class and has several parts in the upcoming spring play "Beauty and the Beast." I have 2 official teens since she was 13 in November, and she has passed me in height as well.
Jacob loves baseball! He looks forward to his games every week and is a great player! He usually wakes up around 6am on Saturday so that he won't be late for his 6pm game. It is 5 minutes away from our house. He is doing well in school this year, got new glasses, loves playing with his cars, riding his bike, and driving his truck.
Wyatt is also having a great school year. He is playing flag football, turned 9 in February, and is a madman with the computer and video games.
Anabelle is rocking the 1st grade. She turned 7 in November. No more babies at my house! She played soccer in the fall, competed gymnastics and had a fantastic season! She has begun training for the next level now.
So, now the kids are caught up. My cousin Preston got married in November, so we travelled to Bristol, VA for the wedding. Anabelle was a flower girl with her cousin Chloe, and Quinn was the ring bearer. Too cute! We spent Thanksgiving moving to a house about 1/2 block away. That was fun. Not really. I turned into an old lady in November as well, but we don't need to mention anymore about that. We took a camping trip to Cocoa Beach for spring break. Steve and the kids surfed and did great while me and Jake manned the cooler. We had a great time at the campsite. Steve wants to move in the RV (I mean really live in it.) Yes, I am a little concerned, but lets move on.
So, to add to the crazy household, the kids wanted a pet. Since Daddy says he has enough mouths to feed, the pet has to contribute something. Yes, I now have 5 kids and 5 chickens. It is pretty exciting to look for eggs everyday. Anabelle carries her chicken around like a babydoll and talks to it nonstop. We have 1 Poland and 4 Rhode Island Reds. I never imagined being the owner of a chicken coop or making a trip to the feed store. My how things change!
I will post some pictures, but they will be in random order. One day I will learn to be technically savvy, but for now I got to tend to the chickens, garden, kids, laundry, house, carpool, etc....


Kelley said...

I hear you on keeping up the blog...there's just too much other that HAS to be done every day, but I am glad you updated. Your kiddos are as beautiful as ever. And two beautiful teenage daughters??? My one is about to do me in. And chickens? I have to say I actually did laugh out loud. Never in a million years would I have pegged you as the one with chickens! Love it (and secretly pray that I never get whatever it is that has gotten hold of you and Cassie! If I never have a chicken, I will be just fine!) Much love to you all ~Kelley

Sara Campbell said...

Thanks for the update! Loved Kelley's comment too!!!

Paula said...

I finally stopped checking your blog around February!!!! I am so happy to be caught up with the Swans. Sounds like all is well. As for the chickens............I can't think of a comment right now!

Anonymous said...

EK looks so very tight in her awesome dress

Anonymous said...

omfg i would eat her little pussy out till she pee'd in my mouth!

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